The following services are both available as a package or as individual services.

If relocation is to be organised before the transferee has arrived

  • determination of the scope of services to be rendered with the company who places the order;
  • will a residence permit / working permit have to be applied for?
  • mediation of hotels / guest-houses until the permanent place of abode can be moved into
  • looking for a place of abode
  • profile of the place of abode
  • preparing an offer
  • preparation of photos / videos of the respective house / appartment
  • offers from a number of forwarding agents.if the relocation has to be organised

after the transferee has arrived :

  • joint housing visits
  • translation / explanation of the tenancy agreement
  • utilities registration
  • GEZ [association for the collection of fees due to be payable to the public radio and television stations in the Federal Republic of Germany] registration
  • metering (electricity heating oil etc.)
  • application for the telephone connection with Telecom, a German telecommunications company
  • protocol of moving
  • residence permit
  • registration with the residents' registration office
  • wage - tax card
  • vehicle registration, driving license
  • school / nursing school registration
  • customs / relocation formalities
  • visiting the new place of abode
  • banking connection
  • later renewal of residence / working permit
  • physicians
  • insurance


The following services will be offered on request:

  • accompanying at a bargain of a kitchen or a car
  • Assistance at purchasing furnitures
  • TÜV inspection and car registration
  • informations about the public and private educational system
  • enroll at school or kindergarten
  • assistance at search for a nanny
  • assistance at search for a housekeeper ( cleaning lady )

For more services in detail ask your relocator


If the transferee moves away from the present site

  • termination of the tenancy agreement with observance of the applicable period of notice
  • offers from a number of forwarding agents
  • customs formalities
  • termination of the utilities contract
  • cancellation of the television / radio registration
  • cancellation of telephone connection
  • cancellation of registration with:
    • aliens' registration office
    • employment office
    • residents' registration office
    • vehicle registration office
    • schools and nursing schools
    • clubs and associations
  • application for mail forwarding by the postal service
  • termination of banking connections
  • metering
  • protocol of moving out

Assitance when returning the apartment / house and organisation of renvation when moving out

  • Inspection of the property
  • Check of necessary renovations ( as stated in the lease )
  • Formalized handover
  • Organisation of quotes ( inspection with the craftsmen )
  • Observation of renovations
  • Organisation of cleaning
  • Checking billing
  • Return the premises to the landlord

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